On The Purpose & Meaning of Life

​The idea of meaning is important, the idea of purpose of life and existence is equally as enriching and whether we wrestle with the idea of absolute or relative truth with regard to the purpose and meaning of human life, as human beings knowing its answer I believe, is the centre of  whether one has a useful and pragmatic life.

 In our day and in ages past, often in time of problems, within varieties of unhappiness, great thought or observation. The idea or ideas of life having no meaning comes up, which in fact and essence is a common and yet underrated thought.

Once upon a time the idea of a deity or deities gave meaning and purpose through a book, or messenger or by other supernatural means. We are no strangers to religion and religion isn’t either.

Religion is notoriously hard (not impossible) to measure as is it is not fixed and is more or less cultural. Religions suggest ideas that man’s purpose and meaning in life is to worship god(s).

The increase in modernisation and free thought has seen religion slowly declining (with some exceptions) as viewed through contextual polls, statistics and as viewed through the history of thousands upon thousands of extinct gods and goddesses .Nietzsche’s words may indeed stand true as “god is dead” and with that the meaning (s)he once guaranteed.

Science is no stranger and in fact, not blameless in regards to life’s meaning/purpose as science says “life is but a chain, reactions of matter, molecules and atoms”. 

In essence, as the world id advancing and being more sound and rational, life seems to have no ultimate purpose or meaning as life exists to adapt and our lives are but, a process of furthering one’s genetic material which makes many a person feel rather blink and simple, it sounds true and yet comes with feelings of pointlessness .To put it plain, you are now born, the stuff in between and then death.
In answers to questions like these many the proverbial words of “who are you to say that” or thats untrue. Whether you find something true or not, in the end, it really is up to you.

There are bad and good arguments within both science, religion and others and one must never force one’s view or declare a view as absolute truth but, one must make sound arguments, move with logic and reason.

We persuade people with wisdom and knowledge. Some good old fashioned peace, love and charm, these type of engagements are what helps solve discourse not by being dogmatic and shutting each other out.

Personally, what I have gathered, life does have practical meaning, and there steps we can all take to ensure life is in fact more meaningful and meaning can in most case be found inside ourselves as a species not through a holy book, stars, visions, fate, destiny or DNA, no objective and no ultimate meaning.
The “theory of meaning within our species” involve three things, according to Allan de Button;





By nature, no man is an island. Since no two human beings are totally alike as we are all unique and all humans question their existence individually, people learn to function in the world by communicating, by relating with other people and the world around. 
Communication involves formulating meaningful questions and listening in order to formulate answers and building on them, learning to embrace reasoned change, taking practical steps to make not only ourselves better but others and the world as a whole.
Heidegger believes that language has a part in giving meaning to life. Humans are created by language, we use language to give something meaning, use it to tell meaning and give understanding since humans are defined by consciousness. 
Consciousness and language are nature embraced. Speech and language produce story, skill, poetry, dance, love and music, which are the foundation for culture within human society.


Loosely it can be said to be the pleasure we feel when we correct ourselves, solve an issue, and move forward, whether in major or minor things. The idea of moving past a hurdle growing as a person not being satisfied with the unknown, not having tunnel vision, making progress at best to understand the world and the people in it.
Being the bigger person truly is a satisfying feeling. I don’t know about you but, when I know something new, I didn’t know about the world, I feel bliss. I feel better, I wish not only to know but, make the best out of it.
In such moments, all is pointless but, that moment of higher learning and consciousness. I choose to raise above my weaknesses and mistakes through understanding and meaning to the best I can as I embrace and love knowledge and wisdom. If the world was more practical, more read oriented, we would be going somewhere.


One of the most meaningful things we can ever do, is being in service to others and no surprise, its a common practice in religion. To have empathy is far better than being selfish. To think about others before yourself isn’t a chore, it should be a standard and a tool, we should use to add meaning and love to our lives.
“Doing to others what you would love to be done to you” as the ancient saying goes. To improve people’s lives through reduction of pain or creating pleasure in relation to the well-being of humanity as a whole. 
From all activities, jobs, thought and events. One of life’s meaningful moments is when we move above our self-centred nature. For our service to be meaningful, it must be in line with our native sincere interests. It means knowing ourselves and finding our particular path to service. 
We may not have meaningful lives yet but, through communication, understanding and service our views and roles can be defined and in essence we can make our lives and other peoples lives meaningful and indeed have purpose.

“I used to think that the world was doing to me.
And that the world owed me something.
And that either the Conservatives or the Socialists
Or the Fascists or the Communists or the Christians
Or the Jews or the Fascists were doing something to me.
I don’t think that anymore cause I found out it doesn’t fucking work.
Most assholes just accept what it is anyway and get on with it, right?
So for the few of us who did question what was going on,
I have found out personally not for the whole world, that there’s no separation. We’re all one”
John Lennon


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