Literature & Life

​“if a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him, An investment in knowledge always pays in the best interest.” 

Benjamin Franklin 

Robert Huntington Fletcher says “All literature is necessarily based on the ordinary facts of life, which we may call by the more general name of Reality.” Without a doubt, the most important and essential invention in human history is human literature.

 Literature obviously provides a relatively permanent record of information, opinions, beliefs, feelings, arguments, theories and everything in-between. As such, Literature acts as this connection or host of communication, permitting people from many a timeline to speak to anyone willing to listen.
But what’s the point? Of course, modernity has not been particularly promising toward the greater sense of literary, which is evident in the speech and actions of many.  This medium still holds true despite all this. Am not one to tell you to read more but I do feel people should. 
Mahatma Gandhi had observed that of all the acts that a man tries and learns to cultivate perhaps the most difficult art of accomplishment is the art of living.
Literature no doubt is one main source useful to learning the art of living. Literature of any kind is used to convey a message, to equip and to express an individual’s or groups’ point of view, diverse it may be. 
Leo Tolstoy argues that all literature revolves around two central issues:

Who are we?

How shall we live?

Which are both true and well thought questions in view of literature. Literature is said to be like a mirror, we use to hold up and learn something about ourselves and allows us to learn about another world.
 Literatures fosters a higher order thinking and essential skills to life. I know am stating the obvious or maybe it’s the growing writer in me but, we are literature and literature is us. There is power in a good read. 
The conception of philosophy as it has grown in the past was seen to embrace all departments of human knowledge and is still evident as it has not wholly passed away even in our day. Philosophy has a way of letting living and literature met and come to life. 
“Knowledge of the lowest kind,” says Herbert Spencer, “is un-unified knowledge; Science is partially-unified knowledge; Philosophy is completely-unified knowledge.” As Literature is the mother of all unified knowledge. She is this epic adventure of mystery, wonder and expands the realms of all willingly to hear.
Any people who is intellectually high minded won’t mind appreciating and loving the things of literature and philosophy. As literature is to life, so is philosophy to the love of life. So why not get invested and mindful into a good book, not just for literature sake but for your sake.

“Read in order to live” 

Gustave Flaubent


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