But a Writer 

​The meaning of life is from within us, it is not bestowed from without, and it far exceeds in both its beauty and permanence any heaven of which men have ever dreamed or yearned for. -Richard Taylor, “The Meaning of Life.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled-Plutarch

Like every writer once upon a time would ask themselves, does the world need another writer? And of course, in context, this question may seem to be of crude simplicity yet, is full of diverse self-reflection. 

There are many bloggers out there. Does the world need another blog? I know a lot better and even more pronounced than I am. So like the thinker that I am I occasionally ask myself, Why keep writing? Why write at all?” 

This question to me doesnt just speak volumes but, calls to my very being as an individual who has a fancy toward the art of intellectualism and penmanship. Truth be told, every writer wants their work read, of course with a very few exceptions.

But, the very idea one writes is to collect ones thoughts, lessons, and ideas and maybe inspire a reader, to tell a story, to get information out there, to ensure that information can move on and maybe be built on. Whether one blogs about small hobbies or the big issues of life, the fact remains, we or anyone who calls themselves a writer loves to write.

To the question of but why I write on said blog and to most of the questions in life in view of why am personally reminded of the Greek story or myth of Sisyphus. Basically, he betrayed the gods and gave divine secrets to mortals, and for this he was condemned by the gods to roll a big stone to the top of a hill,

Said stone then immediately to roll back down, again to be pushed to the top by Sisyphus, to roll down once more, and so on again and again, forever. He is not even redeemed by a death that, if it were to accomplish nothing more, would at least bring this idiotic cycle to a close.

Now in this, we have the picture of meaningless, pointless toil, of a meaningless existence that is absolutely never redeemed. In essence, not just my writing but, anything really if we view our lives, plans and professions, hobbies and mankind at in the grandeur scheme as I do see it may be as Sisyphus punishment. 

His repetitive toil is his life and reality, and it goes on forever, and it is without any meaning whatsoever. Nothing ever comes of what he is doing, except simply, more of the same. 

For me, this is what sums up anything mankind does in essence. Give or take 40 to 50 years, we may never be remembered, the core being of who we are and what we have come to understand will be no more. We will be but, a brief footnote in the pages of life and history (Of course, this is not meant to kill hope).

Meaninglessness is essentially endless pointlessness, and meaningfulness is therefore the opposite. Activity, and even long, drawn out and repetitive activity, has a meaning if it has some significant culmination, some more or less lasting end that can be considered to have been the direction and purpose of the activity.” -Richard Taylor, “The Meaning of Life.”

Ruth Nanda Anshan exclaims, “The suffering and hope of this century have their origin in the interior drama in which the spirit is thrust as a result of the split within itself, and in the invisible forces which are born in the heart and mind of man. 
This suffering and this hope arise also from material problems, economic, political, and technological. History itself is not a mere mechanical unfolding of events in the centre of which man finds himself as a stranger in a foreign land.

Admittedly, No one man can change the world and the ideas of a utopian societies can be thoughts of blue sky thinkers but, equally if we sit, we dont fight light with darkness and do nothing, we are doomed. 

With so many minds, wills and agendas the world can be a sick and an unforgiving place. Man caused his problems and man must in his way fix them. 
My writings are not just me expressing old, new ideas and thoughts but, a way of keeping this flame alive. We all need a world that needs to evolve and change for the flourishing and betterment of human life and life around us. 

We need as we all can, I believe is to cautiously and intelligently preserve the best of human wisdom in order to add to the development of an orderly, active and more just world.

We must lessen the greed, hate, war, superficial mind sets, confusion and stupidity of our times. Not in some grand soap box way, but in our small acts and what we do will have a point, despite not being eternal.
We need people to realise that the powers in their hands. They may have to look deeper but its there. With effective self-mastery and practically, we can all do great things. 

Not in hopes of a utopian society but, carving a society that looks wiser and better, loves more, a world with less pain and indeed a world that sees that there is no separation, the earth is our home and we are all one. 

Cherlina works exclaims, Always write with passion. Think of writing as a way of bringing all your hopes, dreams and thoughts to life.

Further Socrates states, I cannot teach anybody anything, I cant only make them think and thats what I humbly intend to do, I dont know everything, I may not understand all the things you may go through but, am human and that certainly counts.

I do love to write, think and learn, so with this life, I want to make the best out of it, to not just care about myself but, fellow man with not just words but my deeds. To write and inspire a will that no matter what life throws at you, its your life, so own it. And whether or not, you found this site my accident or not. Youre more than welcome to engage with me and the many thought processes I write about.

He who knows nothing, loves nothing. He who can do nothing understands nothing. He who understands nothing is worthless. But he who understands also loves, notices, sees. . . . The more knowledge is inherent in a thing, the greater the love. . . . Anyone who imagines that all fruits ripen at the same time as the strawberries knows nothing about grapes.Paracels Us


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